How do I sign up?

Fill out the enrollment form found at or via your Salon Business Specialist.

What do you as the salon earn on MySalon2Me sales?

You earn 25% of all sale dollars paid quarterly. Keep in mind that we are fully incurring the cost of shipping and all promotions, so your 25% is pure profit.

What is the shipping cost to my customers?

Any order over $50 is free shipping. Anything less than $50 is a $3.95 flat rate.

How are returns handled?

Returns will be handled directly through MySalon2Me or customers can bring products back to the salon and we will process the return on your behalf.

How do I handle stylist commission?

You will be given a report of all purchases. It’s your discretion if and how you handle stylist commission. Some salons have chosen to pay traditional commission rates to their stylists, and some have given a discounted rate. Others have chosen to either pull a portion of the sales to use for some stylist benefit and some have even chosen to not give any incentive to the stylist.

What brands are on my site?

Unless instructed otherwise we will enable you to sell all retail brands that Art of Business carries. This means you and your clients have access to a much wider selection that you are able to stock in your physical store. If you wish to limit your offerings to specific brands you may instruct us to do so. We cannot put brands on the site that Art of Business does not carry.

Can I add my Genesis Private Label products?

Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of Genesis we cannot add this to the site.

What marketing do you provide?

Upon your launch you will be given a compliment of physical merchandising pieces as well as digital templates to promote your store. Additionally, all clients will receive $10 off their first order as part of a launch incentive. This cost is covered by MySalon2Me on your behalf. In support of your site we will doe-mail campaigns to drive traffic to your site. On an on-going basis you will be given social media assets to use on your social channels.

How does this integrate with my salon’s system and why?

MySalon2Me builds a gateway to your salon software system remotely. By doing this it can access your client database. This is primarily done for two reasons. First, in order to ensure that people shopping on your site are clients of the salon. This is an important aspect of the model in order for the brands not to perceive your ecommerce store as diversion. Second, it allows us to market and communicate directly on your behalf with your customers. MySalon2Me does not alter your proprietary data in any way or share it with any third parties.

How do customers access my site?

Your clients will be able to get to your site in several ways. One will be to have a shop button prominently displayed on your current salon website homepage. Additionally, they can click any of the links that we provide them in our various marketing efforts. Lastly, your personalized in-salon signage will have a text feature where customers can text a specific number and it will shoot a link right to their phone.

If a product is Back Ordered, how will the store address this?

If a product is backordered, the client will still be able to order the item, and it will be shipped to the client when it is back in stock.

Can we set up a client for a retail product subscription in the salon?

Yes, you will be able to do this in the salon. Your team can help them log in to the store at the salon, and set them up for a subscription right through the store.